Commission Sale


It may be that you find advertising your vehicle a daunting process or you are not comfortable with face to face negotiations, quite simply you may be too busy. Why not draw on our experience and expertise and let us help you dispose of your vehicle.

Commission sales, or Sale or Return as it is otherwise known is growing in popularity as an attractive option when it comes to finding your vehicle a new owner. We offer a completely bespoke service dependant on the type of vehicle, and will offer impartial advice on what we believe to be the best options to get you a result.

The common denominator throughout all of our packages is that we charge no upfront sales fee and no fee whatsoever should we not get you a result.

Additionally we can often return a higher price for your car than if you were to undertake the process yourself. The fact we can deal with a potential part exchange, offer finance and comprehensive warranty options means your vehicle will be more appealing over a similar vehicle offered privately.

Contact us today to discuss your options.

Sales Preparation

Your car may have some small jobs outstanding that need seeing to before the car is advertised, let us take the stress out of this process, we have a network of specialists for all marques covering all mechanical and bodywork requirements.

Reach Out

Distance is no object, we can arrange delivery of any car across the UK and Europe, reach thousands more buyers especially should your car be collectible or a classic.

Strike a Pose

We take multiple photographs of your vehicle and these are sent to you as a keepsake, we will also compose a suitable advert that hits the spot first time.


Once we are satisfied your vehicle is in a suitable condition to be sold we can offer a range of warranty plans to be sold with the car. Complete peace of mind for both buyer and seller.


We use all of the leading online advertising streams to showcase your car and our experience means we can offer advice on which package we think would best suit your requirements.

Easy To Work With

This is a complete one-to-one personal service, everything is kept transparent and the sale of your car is my focus and in my best interest. Should your car not sell then there is no fee to pay.

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